Currently Artop is not available to the general public. As of October 2008 the Artop User Group is investigating how Artop can also be made available to the general public without interfering with any exisiting AUTOSAR regulations.
Information on the different roles and membership types in the Artop User Group can be found in the Organization section. For further information on how to become a member in the Artop User Group please register.
In general all AUTOSAR members and partners are welcome to get involved with the Artop User Group and to use and adopt Artop. Since the development of Artop is based on AUTOSAR document and since Artop incorporates AUTOSAR specifications, AUTOSAR licenses and regulations also apply to Artop. In case of AUTOSAR Core Partners, Premium Members or Development Members no restrictions arise from this fact. In case of AUTOSAR Associate Members restrictions exist with regard to unreleased AUTOSAR documents and specifications. Parts of Artop that are based on such materials will not be made available to AUTOSAR Associate Members.