Update Sites

Artop can be downloaded free of charge by all AUTOSAR members or partners. But due to this limitation it is necessary that you register or login in order to get access to Artop downloads.

Artop EEL SDK 1.0 Update Site

Update site for the Artop EEL SDK. The Artop Eclipse Extension Layer (EEL) contains all code fragments that we needed to copy from the Eclipse code base to enable a more fine-grained overriding of methods and access originally private fields in the respective super classes. As of today, the EEL is only required by the AUTOSAR serialization. If it becomes necessary to do so in future, the EEL could be extended and used by other Artop components as well. The Artop EEL SDK is licensed under the EPL.

URL https://www.artop.org/containers/artop-eel-update-site-1.0