Artop Release 4.16
2022-12-07 08:52
We are pleased to announce that Artop 4.16 is now available. As the biggest enhancement Artop now supports:
▪ AUTOSAR 22-11
▪ Compatibility with Eclipse 2021-09
▪ Compatibility with Eclipse 2021-12
▪ Compatibility with Eclipse 2022-03
▪ Compatibility with Eclipse 2022-06
▪ Sphinx 0.13.0
▪ Built for Java 11

The Artop 4.16 SDK and Technology Demonstrator can be downloaded by registered users. The release is also available as an Update Site.

A list of changes can be obtained via this Bugzilla query.

To support Artop adopters migrating their applications to a higher Java version, Artop still offers a Java 8 based Artop 4.16, built on Eclipse 2020-06 and Sphinx 0.12.0. The Java 8 based SDK and Technology Demonstrator builds can be found in the Downloads section with "java8" suffix. The Java 8 based Update Site has a suffix "j8".

Please consider in your roadmap that Artop will release based on Java 11 or higher from the next major release.