ARText - An AUTOSAR Textual Language Framework

No active maintenance

Please note that ARText is currently not actively maintained by the Artop community.


ARText is a framework for building textual modeling languages for AUTOSAR. The AUTOSAR standard covers a wide scope of automotive software architecture with great detail. The intrinsic complexity of the AUTOSAR standard can be overwhelming when dealing with certain aspects of the standard. Domain specific languages allow you to tailor your modeling language to your specific needs resulting in more maintainable and understandable models.

Textual languages have proven to be an efficient means to describe complex systems. Combined with the power of domain specific languages these lead to a significant increase in developer productivity. With ARText you have the chance to create your own textual language for AUTOSAR. Modeling productivity is greatly improved when your modeling language is supported by a dedicated tooling environment. ARText is based on Xtext. With Xtext it is easy to create a rich editing environment for your textual language in no time. ARText extends Xtext with features specific to the AUTOSAR domain and provides a full integration of your editor within Artop. This way you can benefit from the features provided by Artop and Xtext at the same time.


Rich editing experience

ARText extends Xtext with functionality required for integrating a textual language into Artop. ARText editors provide a rich textual editing environment with syntax highlighting, code completion, integrated validation, and more.

Seamless integration into Artop

ARText languages are fully integrated into the Artop workspace management. They integrate seamlessly with other AUTOSAR resources, such as AUTOSAR XML. You can reference entities defined in AUTOSAR XML from your ARText file and vice versa.

Supporting the standard AUTOSAR exchange format

All AUTOSAR models that are defined in ARText languages can be exported to AUTOSAR XML. This way your customer can use your models even when they do not use ARText. There is no risk involved at all when using an ARText language. You can always convert your model to AUTOSAR XML.

ARText Languages

There exists already several textual languages that are based on ARText:

Software Component Language: Model software components, internal behaviours, runnables, compositions, port interfaces and more.

Timing Language: Define your timing requirements within your AUTOSAR model.

Formula Language: Full support for specifying and evaluating formulas in your AUTOSAR model.

Variant Language: Support for the new variant handling features of AUTOSAR 4.0.

Get Involved

Join the ARText family! If you are interested in creating your own AUTOSAR textual language for Artop, have a look at our tutorial, which is located in the ARText documentation. Interested in contributing to ARText? Or you want to extend one of the current languages? Please feel free to contact us.


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