ARText - Software Component Language

The software component language lets you efficiently model software components. You can benefit from the easy and concise syntax, and the fully integrated editing environment.
The language focuses on the AUTOSAR Software Component Description Template, and supports the following features:


Release independent

The software component language is AUTOSAR release independent, supporting all releases from 2.1 through to 4.0. With one representation of your model, you can easily switch between each AUTOSAR release through a project preference setting.

Bidirectional transformation

The software component language is not a one way street, you can easily convert your model to AUTOSAR XML as well as convert your existing AUTOSAR XML model to the software component language.

Succesfully used in practice

The language is in a mature state, and is successfully used in projects today to define software component models.

Syntactic sugar

There are special language constructs included to help speed development, here are a few that are features of this language: