The community that develops Artop is organized as the Artop User Group. The Artop User Group is a group of licensed users of the AUTOSAR standard with a special interest in AUTOSAR compliant tools. The purpose of the Artop User Group is to advance the creation, evolution, promotion, and support of Artop and to cultivate both an active community of AUTOSAR members and partners and an ecosystem of complementary products.

User Group Roles

There are several roles of participation in the Artop User Group that are shown below. For further information on how to become a member in the Artop User Group please register.

For a list of current Artop User Group members please refer to the Members section.

Design Member

Design Members have a major influence on the strategy and the overall design of the User Group.

Contributing Member

Contributing Members can contribute to Artop and work on Artop's technical content. The User Group will provide appropriate access to the project infrastructure to the Contributing Members as needed by Contributing Members to provide and maintain their contributions.


Adopters are parties which can use, modify and build upon Artop free of charge under the provision that the Adopter accepts the appropriate Artop Software License. In order to make contributions to Artop Adopters have to become a Contributing Member in the Artop User Group.

There is no formal process to become an Adopter. You can get involved with Artop as an Adopter by just downloading Artop from this website and by using and adopting Artop under the terms of the appropriate Artop Software License.

User Group Design Board

The Design Board is the primary decision making body of the User Group and consists of one (1) representative from each Design Member. The Design Board makes decisions in the following areas:

Artop Software Licenses

Source code developed in the Artop User Group is licensed under the terms of the Artop Software Licenses. These licenses are used as the distribution and contribution licenses. In principle the licenses are similar to the Eclipse Public License (EPL), modifications were made to be compliant with special AUTOSAR regulations.

The licenses are based on the following principles:
There are two Artop Software Licenses: