ARText - Formula Language

The AUTOSAR formula language is a general purpose expression language (first specified in AUTOSAR 4.0). The language can be used at several points within the AUTOSAR methodology, for example for specifying and evaluating binding constraints at variation points. The ARText formula language implementation provides a human-readable representation of the XML-based AUTOSAR formulas. Furthmore, it supports the evaluation of formulas as well as static type checking. The formula language will be available with the release of Artop 3.0.


Bi-directional conversion from and to XML

AUTOSAR formulas are serialized as XML mixed text, which is not intended to be edited by humans. The ARText implementation provides a bi-directional conversion mechanism, which allows the user to edit formulas in a human readable representation which is then directly converted into AUTOSAR XML (and vice versa).

Type Checking

The formula language has different primitive types (integer, double,...). The Artext-based editor supports static type checking to avoid type errors at runtime.


The ARText-based implementation of the formula language provides an interpreter that supports all features of the AUTOSAR formula language. The interpreter enables on-the-fly evaluation of formulas, which, for example, can be used for evaluating variants in AUTOSAR models.